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Sri Shyam Gaushala

Sri shyam gaushala has presently 140 cows and few more cows are going to be added soon. Gaushala in Bangalore was being founded on 1st feb 2016.We maintain no. of cows at our Gaushala (Cowshed), a place where cows are being kept & looked after systematically. Donation for cow are also given by visitors by themselves for development of gaushala. These cows are feeded with nourishing & protein and vitamin rice foods. They have been regularly examined by veterinary doctors & treated accordingly. The cow is considered as a sacred & holy animal in Hindu religion. we worship cow on various occasions and we call them as Gomata. We get online gaushala donation from various states of India and other countries, we are a Non-Government Organization (NGO) involved in Social Welfare Activities. In the field of environmental protection and preservation, we are actively involved in prevention of cruelty against animals given to them either by man or by nature. Many eminent and renowned social workers and philanthropists are associated in this holy venture of preserving and caring of these helpless animals. Our gaushala is always under CCTV surveillance.

we are constructing a new gaushala at ragihalli Bangalore so we have a requirement of funds so please feel free to donate or call us for further details

Donation for cow is like worshiping lord Krishna

Giving donation for cows is been practiced since decades and cows where looked after by Brahmins. According to the saasthra, a person should give donation for cows in his lifetime as the benefits of donating to gaushala are many.

No other donation can be compared with cow donation, the practice of donation for gaushala receives eternal blessing as he is blessed by all the gods.

Sri shyam gaushala receives donation for cows in Bangalore from various people who visit’s there and they are different from dairy farm.

Sri Shyam Gaushala

To teach by example,

Sri Krishna and Lord Balram show us when they descend into this world, how important is to protect, love and serve Cows and Bulls. Krishna is known as Gopala (protector of the Cows) or Govinda (one who gives pleasure to the Cows). Lord Balram represents plowing the land for agriculture and therefore always carries a plow in his hand, whereas Krishna tends Cows and therefore carries a flute in his hand. Thus the two brothers represent krisi-raksha (protecting Bulls by engaging them in farming) and go-raksha (protecting the Cows). 10.5.20 Purport

Lord Krishna says,

in Srimad Bhagavatam, "I can be worshiped within the Cows by offerings of grass and other suitable grains and paraphernalia for the pleasure and health of the Cows, and one may worship Me within the Vaishnavas by offering loving friendship to them and honoring them in all respects."

Sri Shyam Gaushala

Sri Shyam Gaushala


the sacred cow which grants all wishes and desires, is an integral part of Hindu mythology. This divine cow, which lives in swargalok (heaven), emerged from the ocean of milk (ksheerasagar) at the time of samudramanthan (the great churning of the ocean by the gods (suras) and gemons (asuras). It was presented to the seven sages by the Gods, and in course of time came into the possession of Sage Vasishta.
    Kamadhenu's complexion is like the white clouds. Every part of cow's body has a religious significance. Its four legs symbolize the four Vedas, and its teats the four Purusharthas. Its horns symbolize the gods, its face symbolize the sun and the moon, its shoulders Agni (the god of fire), and its legs the Himalayas

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Kamadhenu is also well-known through its other five forms: Nanda, Sunanda, Surabhi, Susheela and Sumanahe cow symbolizes the dharma itself. It is said to have stood steadily upon the earth with its four feet during the Satyug (world's first age of truth), upon three feet during the Tretayug (the second stage of less than perfection), upon two feet during the Dwaparyug (the third stage of dwindling and disappearing perfection) and only on one leg during Kaliyug (the fourth and current age of decadence).Important aspect of Cow is that it is an integral part of the lives of our rural brethren who form more than 70% of the country's population. Morning to evening, most of the activities of the people engaged in agriculture, revolves around cows and bullocks. Cow dung, urine and milk are essential for any agriculturist. Indian cows are unique in their ability to resist diseaaes, possess characterisitics, suited to the Indian Agro-climatic conditions, and they have tremendous draught resisting capacities and can walk 24 hours without rest. These qualities are often found lacking in mixed breeds.

In the regular expenditure of cows Your cooperation for Gaushala donation is expected:

  • A cow’s expenditure per day- INR 111/-
  • Monthly expense of a cow- INR 3000/-
  • Annual cost of a cow- INR 31,000/-
  • Donation of a cow- INR 31,000/-
  • Cow’s coward- INR 2,500/-
  • Green grass (Full load)- INR 11,000/-
  • Green grass (Half load)- INR 6,100/-
  • Dry grass (Full load)- INR 10,000/-
  • Dry grass (Half load)- INR 5,000l-


For any information any donate is free to call to us and email us.we are here to help them for the needful

Cash donations can be sent to our

Sri Shyam Gaushala    Ac. No: 916020066282932

IFSC Code: UTIB0002629
Cheques and DD should be in favour of Sri Shyam Gaushala .

Sri Shyam Gaushala

Contact Us

SY NO 22/2
Next To Khatu Shyam Mandir
Opp Bannerghatta National Park Zoo
  :   +919448078357
  :  srishyamgaushala[at]gmail[dot]com


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